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fuelgrip is specifically designed to assist in the refuelling of diesel motor vehicles by gripping the trigger and fuel pump together without the need to hold on by hand.


  • The fuelgrip can be removed at any time, allowing you to purchase exactly the amount of fuel you require


  • While refuelling; adhere to the fuel station rules (i.e. switch off engine, do not re-enter the vehicle, do not smoke or use mobile phones etc…)


  • In the interest of safety, never leave the fuelgrip unattended whilst in use


  • Some fuelling stations are advising customers to discharge any static electricity before pumping fuel (this is regardless whether filling by hand or using a fuelgrip) and we suggest that you maintain light hold of the fuelgrip itself, at all times whilst the fuel is pumping. See the following instructions and typical forecourt safety notices


    • “Before using the pump, touch any metal on the car away from your vehicles fuel filler, with your bare hand. This will discharge static electricity on your body. Failure to fully discharge may ignite fuel vapours. Do not re-enter your vehicle whilst fuel is pumping. This can re-charge your body with static electricity”


  • When your fuel tank is full, the automatic trigger shut off mechanism cuts in, stopping and change of over filling


  • In the unlikely event of overfill, the fuelgrip is designed to be released immediately from the pump handle simply by pushing it, so the fuelgrip springs off.

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Hands off Solutions Ltd, fuelgrip and any other suppliers of the fuelgrip product cannot be held responsible for any misuse of the product.


fuelgrip is not designed for any other use, other than stated herein on this website